Supervision of the construction is quality monitoring, materials processing, quantity and technological procedures to prevent defects, damage and faults.

TDI obligations under construction

  • Handing over the site to the contractor.
  • At the latest on the day the site is handed over, the TDI is required to provide the contractor with a complete project documentation in one piece, for each part of the work, a works contract concluded by the investor with the contractor, including the contractor's offer price and the territorial and building permits of the authorities concerned.
  • Control of work in accordance with an approved project, works contract between the investor and the contractor, compliance with the conditions and compliance with the Building Act, including observance of general construction requirements, monitoring of the construction process in accordance with the building permit, binding opinions of the authorities concerned and the conditions of other decisions administrative authorities.
  • Checking the factual and price accuracy of the inventory of the works and other supporting documents for the contractor's invoice and checking the fulfillment of the terms of the contract for the work.
  • Control and responsibility for the compliance of the building's spatial position with the verified design documentation.
  • Collaboration with designer crew supervisors.
  • Inspection and overhaul of subprojects, including inspections of concealed structures.
  • Supervision of prescribed tests and quality of work.
  • Tracking and confirmation of prescribed documents, especially the building log.
  • Check progress of work in accordance with schedule and contracts.
  • Continuous preparation of documents and supporting documents for handover of the building.
  • Participation in the takeover procedure.
  • Check for defects and defects detected during construction or on site delivery.
  • Preparation and completion of documents for the issuance of endorsements and participation in the approval process.
  • Check construction site clearing after completion.
  • Convening and conducting control days.
  • Keeping the investor informed about the progress of the work.
  • The TDI is obliged to perform a regular check of the works performed on all parts of the work in the range of approx. 2 working days in the course of the calendar week, without prejudice to the obligation to participate in construction works to which TDI will be invited by the contractor, such as covering of constructions, delivery of technical equipment, will be made by entering the building logbooks.
  • Making applications for approval and timely submission.
  • TDI checks the processing of the report, the amount of additional work or less work and their valuation.