Building ingeneering is a technical accompanying activity for each construction contract, which is necessary and for the layman first invisible.

Civil engineering starts with negotiation and assistance in the preparation of the building plan, ensuring the conditions of construction in the given location determined by the state administration, ownership relations, relation to the agricultural land fund, conditions and possibilities for connection to the infrastructure. (administrators of individual networks - electricity, gas, hot water, wastewater sewerage, rainwater sewerage, water supply, internet, cable TV, crossing and concurrent networks of other network administrators, Radiocommunication, O2, Vodafone, railway cables and signaling, Airport Administration, , traffic signaling, heat supply companies, pipelines, protection zones designated by environmental reports, river basins, flow managers, connection authorization and exit to communication) Gradually, it is aimed at elaborating a study, providing the documents for processing of the document for the territorial decision-DUR, DSP, procurement documentation - ZD, implementation documentation - PCD and actual implementation documentation - DSPS. For all individual parts of the projecting, accompanying engineering activities are necessary, from the provision of documents and statements to the issuing of individual opinions and approvals. Other engineering activities are during the construction (closures, occupations, fulfillment of the conditions of the decision - remote transmission of PO data), then after it completion. (test operation, prescribed measurements - noise, lighting, shading, dustiness ...)

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